Thursday, February 6, 2014

6 Ways To Live Your Life With Passion

Life is a journey. Often, we can find ourselves in a boring routine along the way where we wake up, get ready for work, breakfast in the car, same work routine everyday, go home, dinner, bed and do it all again. It happens to most of us at one point or another. Life gets busy. But that does not mean it should be any less meaningful and passionate.

Six ways guaranteed to change your ordinary life into one that exist with passion!

1. Love your career!
If you don't then your the only one who can fix that. Start now with a plan. If that means going back to school so you can achieve your dreams then do it! The only person stopping you is yourself. Stop telling yourself it's too late to change careers or that your children need you at home. There are solutions to all your road blocks if you seek them out and are determined to make it happen. Yes, it's harder if you already have a family but trust me, my personal experience, you can do it and it is so rewarding.

2. Love yourself first!
Love yourself enough to take care of you mind, body and soul. Bring balance to these areas of your life so that every morning you wake up with confidence and every night you go to bed feeling accomplished.

3. Try new things!                 
Go ahead and eat the sushi, attend a painting class, try out a new recipe, join a spin class and step out of the box. Start pinning fun new things to do and try, like new hair! We live in a great big world, don't be afraid to discover all it has to offer.

4. Be a voice!
What is close to your heart? Is it breast cancer, autism, diabetes, heart disease, abuse, homeless, kids or the elderly? The list is endless and most of us are affected in someway or another with a cause that we can be a part of through raising awareness, finding a cure or solution to the problem, and financially contributing to a mission. Find yours and be a part, volunteer! Organizations need you! Together we can make a difference in this world.

5. Surround yourself with success
Be a part of social media groups that are positive and challenging. Go to that networking lunch, join the study group, attend the Gala. Subscribe to successful people and motivational blogs, newsletters, twitter feeds and Instagram accounts. Keep feeding yourself the good stuff! Follow and participate in groups that promote success like Success Networking via LinkedIn

6. Be a PASSIONATE person
Don't be satisfied with just being "okay". In whatever you do, wherever you go and whoever your with, be happy, enthusiastic and fascinated enough that you continue to discover new things.
There is an old saying that says you get out of life what you put in. If your not happy, if your life lacks energy and meaning then ask yourself what are you going to do to change that?


  1. i really liked what you have written , I am feeling the energy of your thoughts within me now , and to tell you i was just writing about sadness , and then i read your energetic blog , i got it from my post on Linkedin
    I really enjoyed , its best that we must always try something different
    Humans are always bored of monotony in life , trying something different can surely break the ice .
    I hope you have also visited my blog from where i got here.
    I have also a new blog ... LET'S Roll ... so you can also try that thing just for a change :) you will be happy .

    1. Thank you Anna for stopping by! It's the weekend so I am looking forward to an opportunity to try something new!!!

  2. This is a very good article and I can't wait until you have more to read. I am also new to blogging and have been writing at least one article a week. Keep up the great work

    1. Thank you Jay for your encouraging words! I too am excited to be an this journey and to have you here with me.

  3. The what if's of life! Trying something new is challenging. Breaking norms and living in the moment can jump start the boredom we let surround us. We say no more feeling empty and wanting! We’re going for it, what’s stopping us! People! No more! Our job! No more! Us! Never again! We chose living alive and free from mediocrity. Shout it! Scream it! Lastly, we refuse to deny ourselves what is rightfully ours; life!

    1. My favorite supporter! My husband, best friend and partner in life. You have taught me so much about living life to the fullest. Thank you for believing in me!