Friday, March 21, 2014

Traveling Book Club

In the spirit of trying trying new things, I signed up to take part in a summer traveling book club. The book titled "Three Years Later" by Casey McMillin was sent out on its first journey to Malaysia in June 2013. Along the route the book would travel to Australia before return to the USA. Along the path the book was lost for a bit of time. I was so disappointed as summer was ending and I would be faced with the heavy load of school and work responsibilities. My hopes continued that it would arrive after the fall semester, however, when it i did not I had actually forgotten about it. 

In February I received an email that the book had been located, was back on track and soon on its way to me. I was excited yet worried. When I commit to something I like to give it my all and at this particular time I found myself right in the middle of spring semesters, exams and deadlines for papers! 

The book arrived and I committed that no matter what I would read it the coming weekend. Casey is such a great author. Inside of the package was the cutest little silk bag containing her favorite hair-ties to share with readers. 

Additional extra's that were found upon opening the package were bookmarks from the author and a notebook to write a review upon completion.  

With a heavy schedule working full time and running my own business, while also attending college full time this experience allowed for the perfect day to set it all aside, relax at the beach and read an unrealistic, cute, love story. While I can cross participate in a traveling book club off my bucket list, I can't say that I won't do it again. I absolutely loved the experience of reading what others wrote in the journal and adding to the comments and doodles throughout the book! 

The full review of my experience can be found on Goodreads


  1. Sometimes in our busy schedule it is hard to full fill our commitments but I am happy you did it....

    It was also nice to have some cute shares ( apart from book ) from the author like you mentioned about hair-ties

  2. Yes Anna you are correct, the author personalizing the experience was very unique. I will definitely participate in this type of event in the future!

  3. I love reading about the travels of others. Especially if I to have traveled to those places. It's an escape. So with all you have on your plate I am quite sure this would be great for you as well. All the best, Tim